What We Will Do To Help You

When the time comes for you to buy the vacation or retirement home, or the home site you have been dreaming about, you will want the security of knowing that you are working with professionals who understand the real estate market and care about your preferences.

Our customers and clients will consistently tell you that we are willing to spend the time and make an extra effort to help find just the right property for you and your family. We are knowledgeable and well trained, so that we can answer even the toughest questions. We are supportive and committed to the highest standards of personal service, assuring that you will feel comfortable from your first contact through closing. We understand mortgage financing and can put you in contact with local Banks and Lenders.

Finding That "Just Right" Lake Tenkiller Property

As members of the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service, we can offer you access to most property available for sale on Lake Tenkiller. As members of the Community, we also have knowledge of property that is not posted on a Multi List System giving you a total resource.

Getting Pre-Qualified

Over the years many buyers have been out looking at properties, without the knowledge or pre-requisite of being able to purchase another piece of Real Estate or the possibility to buy much more. It would be advantageous for buyers to plan a meeting with their banker first, if financing is a requirement, and discuss their boundaries for buying recreational property. Armed with this first hand knowledge buyers will be less disappointed in the long run, especially after looking for several months at several properties, and finding out when it comes time to write an offer that their financing is not approved. Some of the questions to ask your lending institute is Will the bank lend on raw land and on how many acres if it is a large parcel? Also,  if your bank is not located in this area will they lend on property here. Is an appraisal required, and if so what is the fee? Is remote recognized as well as fully serviced properties? Can I increase or add to my personal mortgage or line or credit? Will the bank lend on a rural property that has no utilities?

Having Clear Title

A word of caution on acquiring property on Tenkiller. There are many land and lot owners that are only holding a deed without an abstract and title insurance. All banks and lending institutions will ultimately require you to hold clear title to the property.

Current real estate values on Lake Tenkiller are especially attractive, and interest rates are affordable. While the supply of properties still exceeds demand, shortages are starting to emerge in some locations and in certain types of properties.

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced investor, we look forward to the opportunity to be your guide in the Lake Tenkiller real estate market.